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Summer 2019

My name is Kris Heaton. I live in Connecticut. At a church function in my hometown, I was introduced to Sylvia Webb. After we talked and she returned to Arizona. I decided to be a supporter of her mission. While on a business trip to Flordia, I was getting ready to fly back to connnecticut […]

June 2020

“Crybaby”, she’s just a crybaby. The Navajo ladies in the village all agreed with a nod of the head. The small girl was about three years old. She seemed lost in the village of smoke and brown faces. She felt lost and unwanted. She knew she was different. Not one spot in the village was […]

May 2020

What’s that sound? The security at school went from door to door trying to find where the sound was coming from. Two more days and school would open, the break would be over. They heard it again then they located the rapping. A small boy was outside on tippy toes trying to get in. Security […]