Summer 2018 Newsletter

One of my earliest memories was the day I acquired a five-gallon plastic pail and a piece of rope. I felt like a queen. Now all I had to do was find water. A few days later I came across a deep well. I knelt by the well with my pail. Water! How precious, I hauled it back to camp. With some soap and a cast-off toilet plunger, I had just invented a washing machine. After bubbles and a rinse, I hung my undergarments to dry. I sang praises as I tided up the camp. I sang loud and clear. How happy I was. Suddenly, I heard another sound. Indian boys on horseback spotted the rope clothesline. They wanted it. They cut it lose and there went my wash through the red dirt of the Navajo Reservation.

Let’s continue to Celebrate my milestone of 50 years among the Navajo people. This summer, you and I can deliver more water, more food and more comfort than ever before. The need is great among the children who are alone and trying to survive each day. Recently, I was at a home where a nine-year-old boy lives. He is very thin. The grandmother said he’s hungry. She was ill with the flu. I gave her some over the counter meds and I handed him my bologna sandwich. Soon two more children appeared. their glance in my direction said it all, “thank you”. The children shared the sandwich sitting on their bed which was a piece of flat cardboard on the dirt floor.

Summer, 2018 We need more supplies. You and I together, are the only ones to continue on the trails reaching hungry thirsty Indian children this summer. Summertime is not vacation time on the reservation. It’s lonely, hot and boring. Most homes have no electricity, bathrooms or water. The children are in survival mode wishing for school to start. Come along with your prayers and gifts, be with us in spirit. We really need you.

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