In Loving Memory

Ken Webb was born June 26, 1929 in Massachusetts. He endured school and never went straight home after class. There were more interesting things to do like hunting bugs and frogs for his collection at home. His mother became a nervous Nellie and a screamer as a white pet rat crawled out from under his bed.

At the age of seventeen he wanted to expand his roaming for adventure and begged his parents to sign on the dotted line so he could enlist in the Navy. They said NO many times. But the soup at home was getting thin so they relented and away he sailed. He quickly decided it was a mistake but had to stick it out. He counted down the years and months until he was out. By then his dad who was a plasterer by trade and was working in Phoenix, Arizona. Ken tried his hand at different jobs till one day he went into a coffee shop and had a chat with a man who was driving a telephone truck. A cup of coffee and a slice of pie later the deal was struck. He was now an employee as a lineman for the county.

He started out with a five foot shovel to dig holes for the lines. As the years went by and more schooling was required he moved up the ranks into computers. He was a bachelor with a few scars from a broken heart. He bumped into Sylvia in Snowflake, Arizona when her pick-up truck needed fixing at a local garage. That day his life changed forever – but change is good.

They met in April of 1983 and were married in July of 1984 in Alaska while on a fishing trip. His knowledge of computers and no knowledge of how to be a husband made for an interesting start.

Mr. Webb was a quiet man with a quiet strength. He will be missed but never forgotten by Sylvia and his many friends. His quiet wisdom helped Sylvia with major decisions on the Navajo Reservation.

A new year is upon us with new adventure and challenges. Sylvia needs your love and prayers as she continues travelling the trails.  

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